Alyssa & Lorelei

Alyssa and Loreley Lustery couple gif

Names: Alyssa & Lorelei
Ages: 20 / 30
Relationship type/status: Open relationship
Currently living in: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Known each other since: 6 months
Your sex life in one word: Incredible

Alyssa and Lorelei met through a mutual friend and have spent almost every day together since. They are simply one of those couples who are perfectly in-sync, finishing each other’s sentences, smiling, laughing and blissfully enjoying their relationship. They have a lot of fun together no matter what they are doing.

As far as sex goes, they enjoy pleasing one another the most. They have great communication during sex, being able to tell what the other wants and how they want it. It creates a level of intimacy and excitement that leads to orgasm after orgasm. They love nothing more than fooling around in public, especially when the sun is shining, the beach is their perfect destination! They usually have sex daily. As far as anything kinky goes it depends on their mood. Lately they have started to use a strap on but they are into sensual and romantic sex as well. The kind of sex that could go on for hours, and usually does!

Video Collection

Some couples just click. Emotionally, physically and sexually. Despite only knowing each other for 6 months, Alyssa & Lorelei fall smack bang in to this category. This unique bond of intense intimacy leads to mind blowing sex. They wanted to crank things up even more, so decided to turn the camera on themselves, with mind blowing results!

Back for the 2nd shoot for Lustery, Alyssa & Lorelai wanted to introduce the Lustery Community to one of their favourite toys. After some tantalising foreplay Alyssa delved in to their toy box to retrieve a gorgeous purple strap-on, now the fun could really begin…