Bee & Mac

Bee and Mac Hello Lustery couple gif

Names: Gunn & Mac Holiday
Ages: 24 & 26
Relationship type/status: Closed Relationship
Currently living in: About an hour south of Sydney, Australia
Known each other since: over 7yrs, were on and off casual partners for a few years, and have been together exclusively for the last 2yrs.
Your sex life in one word: fun

BeeBee and Mac met when they were both in their late teens through mutual friends, they enjoyed an on/off casual relationship for a few years until they lost touch. Luckily, about three years ago they met up again and restarted their casual relationship, over time it developed into something more serious. They have been together exclusively now for about two years.

Since they became exclusive and moved in together they have sex quite regularly, not necessarily every day, but pretty close. They agree that their favourite position is girl-on-top. It’s a rare occurrence but when it does happen they both cum fairly quickly. Truth is, although they are both into some mild BDSM (Mac the dom, Bee the sub) they don’t break out the ropes and gag every time. They both have a tendency to be a bit impatient and end up getting carried away before they can properly set anything up!

Video Collection

Impatience is a word both BeeBee and Mac use when describing their sex life. They would love to get into more BDSM but as soon as they begin they are usually turned on so quickly that they forget all about the kink stuff! Their first shoot for Lustery is another example of this, they fully planned to make it to the bedroom, alas, things got a bit too hot and steamy on the couch, so naturally, they fucked there instead!