Cyril & Mely

Cyril and Mely Hello Lustery gif

Names: Cyril & Mely
Ages: 28 / 32
Relationship type/status: Closed relationship
Currently living in: Paris, France
Known each other since: 2013
Your sex life in one word: Superb

Cyril and Mely have always had great chemistry which means their relationship often works perfectly without the need for words. When they do need to speak it is usually to detail their innermost fantasies and desires!

They met through friends and started dating in a very romantic fashion: Mely asked Cyril out for dinner. They started dating and it took them some time until Mely dared to ask Cyril if he would like to go to a swinger party. After a year their relationship developed further and they started to experiment with filming their intimate moments. They started recording themselves with their phone, and soon bought a camera and started developing ideas and putting them into practice. Now they’ve decided the next logical step is to share these moments with the Lustery Community…

Video Collection

There’s just something about being on holiday, with the sun shining and the waves crashing that brings out the horniness in people! Mely looks incredible in her dress, even better when Cyril realises she isn’t wearing underwear. As soon as the door closes the couple get straight down to fucking, now where’s that Do Not Disturb sign…