Daisy & Bud

Daisy and Bud Lustery couple gif

Names: Daisy & Bud
Ages: 21 / 23
Relationship type/status: Life partners
Currently living in: Hemet, CA, USA
Known each other since: May 2014
Your sex life in one word: often!

Children of their generation, Daisy and Bud met on a dating website. They were chatting and spontaneously decided to meet each other one night at 3AM. Daisy was wearing her sexiest lingerie underneath her clothes. Inevitably, this first meeting was a success!

They describe themselves as adventurous sex-wise, filming each other outdoors is a passion they both share. Having sex with each other just happens to be one of their favorite things in life, which probably explains why they have A LOT of sex, usually 1-3 times a day. Their favorite positions are doggy style or cowgirl. What they most like to do is to smoke weed during sex. They find the relaxed state allows them to fully explore all their sexual desires and be free of inhibitions. Daisy loves to get spanked and as luck would have it Bud loves to spank her. These two make a truly gorgeous couple together with bucket loads of sexual energy!

Video Collection

All good sex marathons start with a spanking paddle right? At least they do for Daisy and Bud. The couple like to experiment and push the boundaries between pleasure and pain, always finding new ways to keep their intimate moments exciting and fresh. Today, a little light choking seems to produce the desired effect…

Initially, Daisy (and everyone that’s ever tried it) was a little nervous about attempting anal. As her and Bud explain though, through good communication, even better foreplay and the help of a number of sex toys, Anal is now well and truly a part of their sex life, and they are loving it! For any couples out there thinking about it, this is a great place to start, Daisy and Bud tell us a little about their anal experiences, and then, naturally, show us exactly what they mean. With oral, butt plugs, lube and anal, this is the definition of lustful sex!