Irina & Sylvan

Names: Irina & Sylvan
Ages: 34 & 26
Relationship type/status: Open Relationship
Currently living in: Barcelona, Spain
Your sex life in one word: Nerdy

Irina & Sylvan met at an erotic festival in Valencia, during a group dinner with a lot of performers. They started working together and one thing lead to another, they have been seeing each other since then, first for work, then for pleasure. They would love to see each other more often but long-distance relationships are what they are. They have the weirdest sex stories, from being caught inside an elevator mid blowjob or in the woods after shooting a scene together. They both enjoy giving/receiving oral sex A LOT. Trying new things and being open minded is a huge part of their sexual relationship…it’s hard for them to say “no”! So when the opportunity arose to share one of their most intimate sexual encounters with Lustery, well of course they said yes! 

Video Collection

Returning for their second Lustery video are sexual Spaniards Irina & Sylvan, and this time they wanted to take a road trip. Their video begins with the couple driving up in to the mountains where they park up and head in to the wilderness. Once they find a spot of silent serenity, they get to work filling the air with the wonderful sounds of fucking!