Johan and Lauren

Names: Johan & Lauren
Ages: 24 / 26
Relationship type/status: Life partners
Currently living in: Medellin, Colombia
Your sex life in one word: Pleasurable!

Johan and Lauren started flirting with each other on Facebook, but in fact had already known each other since they were kids, their grandmothers are good friends!

Once they got together, everything seemed to make sense. They have sex together 3 or 4 times a week, and it is one of their favorite things to do. They also like traveling around the world together, but still always feel at home with each other.

They don’t have a lot of adventurous sex stories nor share any crazy fetishes – they’re working on this! Probably the most adventurous thing they can think of was last month at Lauren mum’s place – they were having sex in the couch in the living room while she was cooking in the kitchen in the next room!

Video Collection

High up in their apartment block, overlooking the beautiful Medellín, Johan and Lauren are back for their 2nd Lustery video. We can only imagine real estate overlooking their balcony is about to skyrocket in price. After watching what wonderful naughtiness they get up to out there in the open, you’ll soon understand why!