Kim & Paolo

Kim and Paulo Hello Lustery couple gif

Names:Kim & Paolo
Ages: 22 / 27
Relationship type/status: Open relationship
Currently living in: Milano, Italia
Known each other since: 2013
Your sex life in one word: Adventurous

Kim and Paolo met at an IT company after making a Carnival Road Trip with friends (because who meets other people actually repairing servers). Their first sexual experience together was a failed threesome with a girlfriend in common. It wasn’t all bad though, through this they realized how much they actually wanted to fuck each other. They don’t like labels which meant it was a full 2 years before they became ‘officially’ boyfriend and girlfriend. Even this was done reluctantly, they were leaving the country for a while and had to explain to their parents what was going on!
They have been traveling for over a year now but they still have lots of future plans. They have an open relationship so they are always searching for other people they like, mostly other couples. Their favorite positions change over time but the one staple of their sexual diet, no matter what, is 69. They are not sure how many times a day they have sex, but with a rough guess they decided from 1 to 8, not following any pattern in particular. Their favorite place to have sex is anywhere outdoors with the sun kissing their skin. They think the sea or swimming pools are always inviting, if there’s people around it’s even better! Oh and they always have a camera with them. Lucky us!

Video Collection

Kim & Paolo have been travelling through Europe for the last months. But that does not mean they do not find the time to live out the lust they feel for each other! Craving each other on a daily basis, the two love nothing more than turning on the camera and putting on a show.

Kim and Paolo cannot get enough of having sex by the sea! They confess to Lustery there is just something about the sunshine, the sea breeze and being outdoors that gets them both so horny. After their first video for Lustery went down a storm they couldn’t wait to shoot for us again, this time, there could only be one destination, to the beach!