Lina & Mickey

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Names:Lina & Mickey
Ages: 36 / 34
Relationship type/status: Occasional lovers
Currently living in: Berlin, Germany, Austin, USA.
Known each other since: 2015
Your sex life in one word: Boom!

Long-distance relationships can have quite a few advantages. None of the tedium of everyday life, the sexting and naughty snapchats and our personal favorite, the passion and burst of sexual frustration when you finally see each other! When you meet Lina and Mickey in the same room, you can feel the sexual energy straight away.

They met through a mutual friend a year ago. It was Mickey’s first time in Berlin and they were both at a small, rather boring house party. The attraction between them was so intense that one hour after being introduced they were already having a mind-blowing threesome! The experience was so damn good that it couldn’t stay only as a one-night stand. Mickey had to leave the following day so, after making sure they used their limited time wisely, in bed of course, they decided to keep in touch.

In their own words: “The downside of living in different parts of the world is that we can’t fuck as often as we’d like to. However, this has actually become one of the best aspects of our connection! We fuck lots of other people, learn new tricks and skills and we try them on each other when we meet. Fucking for us is always a pleasant surprise, we never know what will happen, but are sure we’ll love it!”

Video Collection

Lina and Mickey enjoy a long distance open relationship. At first this doesn’t sound too enjoyable but the couple love the freedom it provides! It allows for them both to sleep with other people, learn from new experiences, enjoy different things, then come back together as one and try everything out on each other. Still undecided if you could be in a similar relationship, you won’t be after watching this!