Lindsey & James

Names: Lindsey & James
Ages: 23 / 21
Relationship type/status: Closed relationship
Currently living in: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Your sex life in one word: Explosive

Lindsay and James met at college, but not at a party as one would usually expect, they met at the library. After a few days of sneaky looks that turned into seducing stares Lindsay approached James and asked him if he wanted to take a coffee break. Fast forward 2 years and the two of them are now living together in Amsterdam. They both love the city but also love to get out of it and enjoy the surrounding nature. Their most adventurous sex story is probably having sex outside in a forest, with ants crawling all over them! They have sex very often, about 4-5 times a week. James’ favorite position is doggy, Lindsay loves spooning!

Video Collection

This adventurous couple describe their sex life as ‘Explosive’, what we didn’t realise was that they meant this quite literally! After Lindsey squirted for the 3rd time we realised they weren’t talking figuratively!