Luna & James

Names:Luna & James
Ages: 22 / 25
Relationship type/status: Closed relationship
Currently living in: Paris, France
Your sex life in one word: Blossoming

Luna and James met at a party in October of last year. James was coming home from a year in Singapore and was ready to leave France again as soon as possible. On top of that they were both just out of “serious” relationships and only looking for fun. Nevertheless, every time they saw each other the connection between them grew stronger and they felt like they just wanted to spend all their time together doing the three things they enjoy most: traveling, cooking and fucking (of course). James moved in with Luna two months later. A month after that James was reading some random Vice article about people making money online as sex cammers. He made a joke about it but Luna got curious and finally they decided to experiment. They got in front of the camera for the first time in March 2017.

They now are regular cam models and have just started producing some non-live video content, which is a lot of fun too because it gives them the opportunity to do what they really love without the constraints of a live show.

As for their sex life, it’s never been as great as it is now that they are together. They both love experimenting and they’re always trying new things. They are both really into kinky stuff, they do a lot of roleplay where James has a dominant position and Luna is submissive. They have a very wide range as they love everything from tender love-making with lots of cuddling and eye contact to rough fucking with deepthroats, spankings, bondage and trash talking! As of late they’ve introduced anal in to their regular sex life. After a few tries they finally got Luna to squirt which is such a huge turn on for James, he hopes they can include that in future videos as well. So do we!

Video Collection

One of our/everyone’s favourite couple are back and this time Luna and James enjoyed what they describe as their ‘most intimate shoot yet’. Currently on the beautiful island of Bali the couple set up 3 cameras in order to catch the action from all possible angles. It also meant they could concentrate solely on the fun in a shoot packed with all their favourite positions and some orgasmic oral!