Maria & Zee

Maria and Zee Hello Lustery gif

Names: Maria & Zee
Ages: 23 / 26
Relationship type/status: Open relationship
Currently living in: Bolonia, Italy
Known each other since: 2012
Your sex life in one word: Sincere

Maria met Zee at one of his concerts, Zee was already studying in Bologna and Maria had planned to move to the city. He offered her a place to stay and being such a good host made her feel very (very!) welcome. They have now been together for over 4 years!

They talk openly about anything and everything and of course, this includes sex. They like to share their fantasies and desires and explore them together, they think honesty and openness is what keeps their relationship so exciting. One time they decided to explore the idea of involving someone else in their sexual explorations. They spent a night in a club privée and had a mind blowing threesome.

They know each other’s bodies well and one can really feel that they are completely comfortable with each other, there is nothing they are ashamed of and their chemistry is obvious for all to see. They are proof that a couple’s sex life does not have to dwindle but can in fact thrive over time!

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Maria and Zee don’t just use their bed as a place to have sex, they incorporate it into the fun! Fucking through the bars, holding on as they passionately fuck or sitting on top of the frame as they pleasure each other from underneath, this bed isn’t just there for show!