Peach & Matt

Matt and Peach Hello Lustery gif

Names: Peach & Matt
Ages: 26 / 29
Relationship type/status: In a relationship
Currently living in: San Francisco, USA
Known each other since: 10 months
Your sex life in one word: Best

It’s quite a lovely sight to see just how strong the attraction between Peach and Matt is. It’s so powerful that they can hardly endure more than a few seconds without touching each other. Their eyes are filled with desire and they seem to sparkle when they are together. They have sex many times a day, so often that sometimes it seems like their sex life has become their actual life. An issue they certainly don’t see as a problem.

They have many crazy stories to tell, so many it seems hard to keep track. Like the time hiding outdoors and someone with a dog passed by. They say passed by but what they really mean is completely catching them at it right there in the woods! They like to treat themselves so they organize naughty getaways; hotel rooms, Jacuzzi’s, weekends spent making love none stop. In other words: they got the lusties!

Video Collection

The chemistry between this couple is plain for all to see, something they use to their full advantage during sex. They can tell, without words, what the other wants and needs; going faster, harder, slower, deeper, if and when it feels right. Sometimes, everyone needs a little help though, that’s when Peach’s vibrator comes out to play…