Minx & Ruckus

Minx and Ruckus Hello Lustery gif

Names:Minx & Ruckus
Ages: 23 / 27
Relationship type/status: Passionate lovers
Currently living in: Sydney, Australia
Known each other since: July 2015
Your sex life in one word: Passion

It all began in Berlin on a warm summer evening when Ruckus climbed through an open window. The room seemed warm and the music and laughter of young women were inviting, the smell of wine and cigarettes alluring. In that room with the open window, two young women were sipping on red wine as they dressed and prepared for a wild party night. It is in this setting, that Minx first saw the man who would become her long-time passionate lover, Ruckus.

They made love that same night – well, it was already the morning then – in a bathtub on the fifth floor apartment where Minx stayed. Having finished with the bath they fucked in Minx’s bedroom, on the floor, as they could not wait to get all the way to the bed. Three days later they were doing a nude, steamy photoshoot together for a talented friend. You can see some of the results in their profile. Two weeks later they stole away to a dark corner of a famous Berlin nightclub and fucked, in a little wooden house in the side of the dance-floor. Having both cum they declared their love for one another. One year on they have taken their passion across the world, making love on the beaches of Australia and in the streets of Montreal. Now is the time to share their passion and lust with the rest of the world…

Video Collection

Minx and Ruckus really know how to work the camera. Taking it in turns to film one other POV style as they go down sensually on each other. When the action really hots up, both hands are needed (naturally!) so the camera is placed at a perfect angle so we don’t miss one second of the glorious action.