Miriam and Jorge

Miriam and Jorge Hello Lustery gif

Names:Miriam & Jorge
Ages: 26 / 26
Relationship type/status: In love
Currently living in: Madrid, Spain
Known each other since: Seven years
Your sex life in one word: Smutty

Miriam and Jorge have been together for seven years. In all that time they have not missed a single chance to experience new sexual adventures together. If you ask them what their favorite treats are, the list is infinite! Teasing, striptease, role play, outdoors, in public, all possible positions… their passion for each other is insatiable. The great news for us – they are natural born exhibitionists and love to record and share their sexuality with the world. What started as a private game has developed in to a key part of their relationship. They are always taking naughty pictures of each other, thinking about ideas for a new sexy video or discussing new places to enjoy themselves. The compatibility between them is present in all their actions and they are a perfect team. They share a passion: they love to perform for each other and for the camera, and it’s plain for all to see they know exactly how to get each other off.

Video Collection

After a busy afternoon shopping Miriam and Jorge have only one thing on their mind. Nope, not the usual Spanish Siesta, something quite the opposite. The two didn’t even make it out of the carpark before they started the fun, Jorge going down on Miriam before the favour was returned. Once they arrive back home, the passion really starts to boil over…

For Miriam and Jorge there is one thing that runs them on more than anything…the risk of being caught! From a quickie in the carpark to raising suspicions in a department store changing room, this shoot has all the voyeuristic naughtiness you could wish for, and Miriam and Jorge absolutely love it!