Natas & Cat

Names: Natas & Cat
Ages: 33 / 22
Relationship type/status: Open relationship
Currently living in: Nomadic!
Your sex life in one word: Dirty

Cat and Natas first met on social media, their first meeting in person came when Cat visited Natas in LA. They had 3 amazing days spent mostly in the bedroom before Natas had to fly to Tokyo. When he returned they went together on a road trip up the west coast of America for two weeks. Since then they have been looking for every opportunity to cross paths on their individual travels to share in each other’s adventures.

Now, seven months later, they’ve been to all four corners of the U.S. and six European countries together. As they both love traveling and exploring, they share their passion for discovering new places. They also share the lust to play around with power dynamics when having sex. Natas usually enjoys taking on a more dominant part and Cat is delighted to be able to live out her more submissive side, as she trusts him and feels safe exploring boundaries together.

Video Collection

Don’t worry, we haven’t decided to bring you a boring Wedding Video, this video is anything but boring! Natas and Cat love to engage in bondage and rope play, they also love to film themselves as they do so. Couple those two together, and you have their latest Lustery video!