Noelia & Arturo

Noelia and Arturo Hello Lustery gif

Names: Noelia & Arturo
Ages: 28 / 40
Relationship type/status: Open Relationship
Currently living in: Managua, Nicaragua / Mexico City, Mexico
Known each other since: 3 years ago
Your sex life in one word: Intense

One can imagine the encounter of Noelia and Arturo like a Woody Allen film setting: a boring party where both of them are unable to relate to anything or anyone, then suddenly they discover each other and cannot stop talking. That same night they had sex with each other. And the afternoon after they fucked again. And then the following night. And then the next morning. Soon they were watching Godard films, reading books in street cafes and catching flights to far flung places. They have so much to share and discuss together.

Since they do not live in the same country, they spend long periods of time apart from each other, luckily this only makes the cravings and lust grow. In the mean time they have other sexual relationships with different people and are open with each other about it. When they finally come together physically, they are restless and full of desire. Each time it feels like a roller coaster, fast, exciting and adrenalin fueled. Just the way passionate and lustful sex should be.

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Making their lounge in to a fucking den Noelia and Arturo can spend hours upon hours lost in each other’s passion. Due to living in different countries, the lust and desire only grows with each passing day, until, a day like this, when they can finally be together and fuck away all that pent up frustration.