Selina & Alex

Selina and Alex Hello Lustery gif

Names: Selina & Alex
Ages: 28 / 30
Relationship type/status: Open relationship
Currently living in: Barcelona, Spain
Known each other since: 2011
Your sex life in one word: Chemistry

That moment when you meet someone and you can just feel the tension in the air. That was what happened to Selina and Alex. They met through friends and they immediately clicked. They started to hook up often, they were almost always impatient to see each other and rip each other clothes off, having sex at any available moment. They got their kicks from trying it in new places and having new adventures. They soon would run out of spaces to fuck!

Nowadays they still like exploring the outdoors and enjoying public sex but they have also discovered a whole world of new things they like to try out at home. They enjoy new toys and Selina loves to practice with her ropes on Alex. They like many different positions while fucking, usually at the start Selina likes to be on top but then she loves to switch it up so she can play with her clit whilst being penetrated. Alex enjoys being on the bottom in the beginning but he always ends up wanting to get more active and so loves to switch it up.

Apart from bondage, Selina likes role play, latex and exploring the boundaries between pain and pleasure. Alex enjoys rough sex and introducing new and exciting things to their sex life. Their passion and lust seems never ending!

Video Collection

Selina and Alex have a very adventurous sex life and love nothing more than incorporating new toys to keep things fresh and exciting. This time she wanted to try out her new Butt plug, something Alex was more than happy to embrace!

For lovers of rope play or for those looking to spice up their own sex life, this is the shoot for you. Selina uses ropes to perfection, to tantalise and to tease Alex, to let him have a little and then take it right back. Her dominant side is something they both love exploring, Alex is more than happy to be tied up as Selina takes control of this incredible sex session, with ropes, sex toys and more!