Zoe and Bishop

Zoe and Bishop Hello Lustery couple

Names: Zoe & Bishop

Ages: 34 / 31

Relationship type/status: We are in a non monogamous relationship for about a year.

Currently living in: Berlin, Germany

Known each other since: for a couple of years.

Your sex life in one word: Well, It’s hard to put it into one word, but if we did, it would definitely be intense. And explorative. Wait that’s two. Ok.

Zoe and Bishop met each other out in the queer scene in Berlin, at a few parties and other events, the two gelled immediately. They start to hang out together, having coffees and getting to know each other more intimately. It was obvious that there was sexual tension between them, but it took some time until they finally did something about it. When they had sex for the first time, the tension and desire manifested itself in a rough and glorious sexual experience.

Bishop likes the way Sara smells and she likes the way Bishop feels. Lying in bed and looking at each other the connection between the two is obvious. They both understand each sexual encounter has its own particular story and they allow for the energy of each individual experience to flow freely – their sex life together does not follow standard narratives but develops in a very genuine and honest atmosphere. Inspiring and delightful.

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A non-monogamous relationship leaves Bishop and Zoe open to exploring their sexuality with others. It allows for their sex life to be kept fresh, alive and exciting with new ideas constantly featuring. The thread that holds it all together is the intense passion and intimacy they share each time they are together.