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Children of their generation, Daisy and Bud met on a dating website. They were chatting and spontaneously decided to meet each other one night at 3AM. Daisy was wearing her sexiest lingerie underneath her clothes. Inevitably, this first meeting was a success! [Read more about Daisy and Bud]


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After being together for four years, Lillie and Stephen are proud to say their sex life is still as adventurous and exciting as day one! Their willingness to experiment keeps things fresh and alive, but this isn’t to say they don’t have their favourite positions… [Read more about Lillie and Stephen]


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After hearing about Lustery and our realistic and genuine approach to porn and sex, BeeBee and Mac knew straight away they wanted to shoot something special for the community! Their unbelievable connection is clear from start to finish in this, their first (and hopefully not last) shoot for Lustery… [Read more about Bee and Mac]


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Maria met Zee at one of his concerts, Zee was already studying in Bologna and Maria had planned to move to the city. He offered her a place to stay and being such a good host made her feel very (very!) welcome. They have now been together for over 4 years… [Read more about Zee and Maria]


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Cyril and Mely have always had great chemistry which means their relationship often works perfectly without the need for words. When they do need to speak it is usually to detail their innermost fantasies and desires… [Read more about Cyril and Mely]


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With sex this good, would you let oceans get in the way!? Despite Minx hailing from Canada and Ruckus Australia, this multi-national couple have found a way to make it work. Meeting in Berlin, their connection was instant, they had a brief spell apart but now make up for any lost time in the best way possible, in the bedroom… [Read more about Minx and Ruckus]