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Miriam and Jorge bounce off each other, their personalities perfectly intertwined. This is something that absolutely extends itself to the bedroom. Their sex life is constantly evolving, being experimental has been the key to keeping that all important ‘spark’… [Read more about Miriam and Jorge]


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One can imagine the encounter of Noelia and Arturo like a Woody Allen film setting: a boring party where both of them are unable to relate to anything or anyone, then suddenly they discover each other and cannot stop talking. [Read more about Noelia and Arturo]

Selina & Alex

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That moment when you meet someone and you can just feel the tension in the air. That was what happened to Selina and Alex. They met through friends and they immediately clicked… [Read more about Selina and Alex]

Frankie & Lucy

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When they initially met, Frankie told Lucy he was 25…when in fact he was 19! This wasn’t a problem though, by the time he came clean, the two had fallen madly in love… [Read more about Frankie and Lucy]

Julia & Gleb

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During winter it can drop as low -15 over in Moscow so it’s a pretty good job that Julia and Gleb love nothing more than warming each other up in the bedroom. After 5 years together they keep things exciting by constantly trying new positions… [Read more about Julia and Gleb]