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Laney and Sondrine first met when Sondrine started working at Laney’s office. Sondrine told Laney that she had a crush on her from the beginning, but Laney tried to maintain professional boundaries. Sondrine kept being her warm and lovely self and eventually they became friends. When they both quit last year… [Read more about Laney and Sondrine]

Lindsey & James

hello lustery couples _0002_Lindsey & James profile

Lindsay and James met at college, but not at a party as one would usually expect, they met at the library. After a few days of sneaky looks that turned into seducing stares Lindsay approached James and asked him if he wanted to take a coffee break… [Read more about Lindsey and James]


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Cat and Natas first met on social media, their first meeting in person came when Cat visited Natas in LA. They had 3 amazing days spent mostly in the bedroom before Natas had to fly to Tokyo. When he returned they went together on a road trip up the west coast of America for two weeks… [Read more about Natas and Cat]


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Lina and Mickey Hello Lustery Profile picture
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Long-distance relationships can have quite a few advantages. None of the tedium of everyday life, the sexting and naughty snapchats and our personal favourite, the passion and burst of sexual frustration when you finally see each other! When you meet Lina… [Read more about Lina and Mickey]


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It’s quite a lovely sight to see just how strong the attraction between Peach and Matt is. It’s so powerful that they can hardly endure more than a few seconds without touching each other… [Read more about Peach and Matt]


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They met at a dubstep rave party while they were with other partners. Jada was on her boyfriend’s shoulders and Lucas had his girlfriend up on his shoulders. They met in the middle and Lucas’ girlfriend started making out with Jada… [Read more about Jada and Lucas]